Friday, 15 September 2017

How to Setup Reminders and Notifications in Yahoo Calendar

“Urgent meeting with a client on 30th September?”
“Work on the client based project”
A short and informative reminder can be set in Yahoo Calendar to keep things organized.

It’s really a tough job to meet the deadlines and responsibilities of your work in a busy schedule. So, to make things easier you can setup reminders and notifications in Yahoo Calendar. A nifty, small reminder feature in Yahoo will keep your work organized, without creating a mess. A reminder feature in Yahoo can help you to meet your small as well as big business goals.

Benefits of setting up reminders and notifications in Yahoo Calendar:

Free from checking your calendar every single day

Before beginning the process you need to define your default reminder choices for new events.

Delivery Settings:

  • At the initial stage in Yahoo Mail, you need to hit the Calendar icon.
  • After that you need to mouse over the Settings icon and choose Calendar Options.
  • Then after enter Reminders.
  • And you can adjust your settings as per your need.
  • Enter Save.

Instructions to add a reminder for a specific event:

  • Open your Yahoo email account on your PC.
  • Then you need to click on an event in the Week, Day, or Month view.
  • With this, a pop-up window including the event's details will open.
  • After that click Edit.
  • Next, you need to choose a reminder.
  • After this, click + for setting an additional reminder.
  • Then after choose a delivery method:
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Email
  • Mobile/Desktop – You will receive the notifications on your desktop or mobile phone once syncing its native calendar with your Yahoo Calendar.
  • Finally, click Save.

If you want, you can delete event reminders for a definite event.

Guideline to turn off an event reminder:

  • At the initial level, you need to double-click an event for editing it.
  • Next, from the Remind menu, choose No Reminder.
  • At the end, enter Save.

Note: The ultimate thing about the “sharing” feature in Yahoo account is that it’s quite simple to customize.

After implementing these steps, you can quickly get back on track particularly for those deadlines that are professional. You can’t afford to lose your business or ruin relationships with client and employees by becoming unprofessional. It’s better to keep track of your work deadlines so that you don’t confront with any inconvenience.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How to Sync or Un-Sync Yahoo Calendar on iPhone

Yahoo always strives to offer utmost convenience to its customer by frequently introducing useful and amazing features for them. One of such amazing features which Yahoo offers to its customer includes the synchronization of Yahoo Calendar on iOS devices such as iOS and iPad.  Not only calendar, you can also synchronize your Yahoo contacts on iOS devices. Syncing your Yahoo Mail and personal information on your iPhone allows you to have quick access wherever and whenever. Synchronization of Yahoo on iPhone automatically updates any changes made on both the device and your Yahoo account. And whenever, you feel like un-synchronizing it, you can easily do that as well. To know how to sync or un-sync Yahoo Calendar on iPhone, follow the guide mentioned below.

Steps to Sync or Un-Sync Yahoo Calendar with iPhone

Sync Yahoo Calendar from iPhone
1.) Go to the Settings option on your iPhone.
2.) Under Settings, tap on Contacts or Calendars option.
3.) Now, tap on Add Account option.
4.) Next, tap Yahoo option to get to the sign-in screen.
5.) On the sign-in window, enter your email address and tap on Next button.
6.) Enter your password and tap on Sign in button.
7.)  After that, simply slide the slider located next to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. This will establish the synchronization between your Yahoo account and iPhone.
8.) Tap Save when done.

Un-Sync or Remove Yahoo Calendar from iPhone
1.) On your iPhone, go to the Settings option.
2.) Under Settings, tap on Contacts or Calendars option.
3.) Tap on your Yahoo account.
4.) Then tap Delete Account.
5.) After that, tap Delete from my iPhone option to un-sync Yahoo calendar from iPhone.

So this is how you can easily sync or un-sync your Yahoo Mail account for calendar and contacts from your iPhone. If you need any further assistance regarding the above or any other problem, feel free to call Yahoo Mail Customer Service Corporate Phone Number. Our team comprises certified technical engineers who are adept and proficient in handling all Yahoo mail related issues efficiently and quickly. Our Yahoo customer support services include recovery of hacked Yahoo Mail account, fixing File attachment problem, resolving issue sending or receiving emails, fixing Temporary errors, sign-in issue etc.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

How Can I Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

Yahoo email account users can easily express themselves with a quote or via adding contact detail to the outgoing mail. The users of Yahoo email account can use a signature to give the personal touch to your email. The signature can be in the form of the name, symbol, contact information, business details, and much more.

You can implement the below-mentioned steps for using HTML in Yahoo Mail Signature:

Use HTML in Yahoo mail signature
Steps to add some rich HTML formatting to Yahoo Mail signature:

  • At the initial stage, you need to position your computer system mouse cursor over or hit the gear icon.
  • After that you need to choose Settings in Yahoo mail.
  • Then you need to go to the Writing email category.
  • After that make certain that “Show a rich text signature” is chosen under Signature.
  • Next, you need to design the signature as per your liking by means of the formatting toolbar.
  • Simply limit the signature to a few lines.
  • Finally, hit Save.

These steps can be implemented for using HTML in Yahoo mail signature.

Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Classic Signature

Instruction for enriching Yahoo Mail Classic signature via HTML formatting:

  • First, you need to choose Mail Options from the navigation bar.
  • Next, you need to follow the Signature link.
  • Then, if the HTML toolbar is not until now noticeable, hit Color & Graphics.
  • After that, you need to enter or edit the signature via HTML tags.
  • Lastly, hit the Save button.

Follow, the above-mentioned steps for using HTML in your Yahoo Mail Classic signature.

Instructions to disable a signature:

  • First, you need to mouse over the Settings menu icon Image. | choose Settings.
  • Hit Accounts.
  • And then hit your Yahoo account.
  • You need to deselect Append a signature to the emails.
  • Hit Save.

In case you want to go beyond the text, you can simply add an image to Yahoo Mail signature and for this, you can consult an experienced tech professional staff of Yahoo. For resolving any queries related to mail or signature, you can immediately give a call to a tech professional team anytime. Yahoo Corporate Toll Free Phone Number will help you rightly in fixing out the issues of an account which you have been confronting for so long. The number is accessible 24/7 for the users of Yahoo.

Monday, 8 May 2017

I Got 500 Temporary Errors in Gmail and How to Fix It

Getting Gmail “Temporary Error (500)” on the computer system screen is quite frustrating and it is the common issue which arrives during signing an account. The error message will let you know “We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes.” This message you will get while signing for an account.

These are the possibilities that can cause the Gmail temporary error 500:
  • Browser Cache hurdle
  • Gmail server trouble
  • Internet Security apps such as antivirus & Firewall
  • Last but not the least, a conflicting browser Toolbar /extension

Gmail server errors are generally temporary. In case you are receiving an error message on your computer system, you can try the below-mentioned steps and fix it:
  • You need to visit the Gmail Help Forum for connecting with Gmail experts.
  • And also you can check the Apps Status Dashboard for getting the detail about widespread errors.

In few cases, an error seems to be triggered by:
  • Browser Extension troubles
  • Bad internet connection

Bad internet connection
It may happen that the problem may be arising due to the bad internet connection. For this, you can contact your local Internet provider and immediately ask the solution for internet related issue. On the other hand, if you are using a Wi-Fi network, you need to try to get closer to the Wi-Fi antenna. The bad internet connection may give you a big problem in sending or receiving emails.

 Browser Extension troubles
It might happen that the error issue might be taking place due to your own browser.  A bad coded extension which you have installed on Internet Explorer or Firefox might prevent your Gmail from functioning correctly on the system.

If the above-mentioned won’t work or none of the above tricks worked for you, then it means that may be servers of Google are down. So in order to evade an issue, you should not try to connect to Google Gmail for some time period.

Along with this, to obtain the world-class tech support solutions for Gmail, you need to consult a third party Gmail customer service support 1-800 phone number. The firm is the right place to obtain the effectual solutions for error and other related trouble. Here your every issue will be fixed instantly and you can trust on their services without a doubt.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Create A Group Mailing List In Your Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo email account gives you an ease to send multiples of emails to the various number of peoples. In case you have created an account and want to mail the similar message to other than one beneficiary, you need to create a group mailing list in Yahoo email account.

Steps to create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail:

  •        First of all, you need to open your Yahoo email account.
  •        You need to hit the Contacts icon in your Yahoo! Mail's navigation bar.
  •        Afterwards you need to hit New List which is in the left navigation bar.
  •        Now, the new list will come into view on the computer system screen.
  •        You need to type the desired name for the list.
  •        Finally you need to hit Enter.

Steps to add members to a Yahoo! Mail List:

  • First you need to drag and simply drop them onto the.
  • In addition, you can also use Assign to Lists for any contact in order to add them to one             
  • list or more.

Finally send mail to your Yahoo! Mail List
Now, you have a mailing list on Yahoo! Mail, and can begin using it.

Steps to remove a contact from a list:
  •    At the initial stage, you need to open your Yahoo email account.
  •    And just click on a list.
  •    You need to choose an email address.
  •    Lastly, you need to click Remove from the list. 

The above-mentioned steps will surely give you the proper guidance for creating a group mailing list in your Yahoo mail account. You will not confront any difficulty in understanding these simple steps.

In case you ever stuck or unable to understand the particular issue in your account, you need to get connected with a certified Yahoo mail password reset team professional team of Yahoo. With its aid, you will get the persistent tech support for troubleshooting the unmanageable issues in your account. You can consult the firm anytime you wish to so that you can get the best experience of ultimate tech services.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to Create Formatted Signature in Yahoo Mail

Particularly in case you are using Yahoo mail account for the business purposes, it is mandatory to create an email signature consist your contact information.  In addition to the daily routine you use to sign via your hand but now Yahoo mail is giving you the feasibility to mechanically add a signature to all your emails.

Steps to add a signature to Yahoo mail account:

  • First of all, you need to go to And in case you are not by now signed into your account, you need to enter your account information.
  • Now you need to hit the Settings icon. It is the gear that you will find at the top right corner of the computer system screen.
  • You need to hit Settings.
  • Afterwards, you need to hit Accounts that is in the left panel.
  • Then you need to choose your email address. All email addresses linked with the account come into view under “Email addresses.”
  • And check the box that is next to “Append a signature to the emails you send.”
  • Just enter your signature appropriately. The text which you will type here will be incorporated at the bottom of each email.
  • And you need to make certain that it fits all probable scenarios.
  • Finally you need to hit Save. And your new signature will be applied to each email that you will send to the client or colleague.

Along with this, in case you want to get some additional tips for creating an email signature or the procedure for turning it off when there is no need, you can dial a toll-free phone number. With the help of the phone number, you will automatically get connected to a certified tech professional team of Yahoo and you can receive the excellent support for the same. You can also learn how to add special formatting in email signatures, such as an images or links.

In order to receive 24/7 tech support solutions for Yahoo signature or other issues related to the Yahoo email account, you need to get connected to toll free number for Yahoo customer service support. The company’s firm is devoted to offering the exceptional tech support solutions to Yahoo users. So you can approach the firm anytime, anywhere and receive the desired help in an instant manner. The professionals are amazing with improved technical skills for understanding each and every Yahoo technical problem.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Best Way to Create and Manage Facebook Group

People create a Facebook group for promoting business or activities on Facebook. The users of the Facebook can join the group and post their opinions on a wall and interact with other people via discussion threads. While on the other hand, Facebook groups help in bringing the people together and have discussions. In case you have just started to use a Facebook account and don’t know the process of creating it, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to create and manage Facebook group:

  • First of all, you need to open your Facebook account.
  • Then you need to find ‘Add Group’ from your ‘home page’ on your account and go to the Groups section and find ‘Add Group’.
  • After you need to hit ‘Create New Group’.
  • And name your Group.
  • Afterwards, you need to add members.
  • Later on, choose Privacy Setting.
  • Hit Create.
  • Now you need to choose an Icon.
  • Last but not the least you need to complete "About" section.

Let’s focus on some points on how to remove or block a member from a Facebook group:

  • At the initial stage, you need to hit Members at the top of your group.
  • Now you need to find the member that you want to eliminate.
  • The next step is to click Click next to the member's name and choose Remove from the Group.
  • And then you need to click for checking the box next to Block Permanently for blocking a member.
  • Finally, hit Confirm.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to know how to manage your Facebook group in an appropriate manner. Thus, to know more information about changing the privacy of the group, changing the name of the group icon, a method to chat the member of a group, technique of adding a cover photo to the group, you need to contact Facebook customer service support providing company.

The company’s professional takes care of the technical issues of Facebook account and always try to provide the best possible tech support solutions for fixing the issues involved with an account. To avail the services of the company, you need to dial a Facebook customer support number. The phone number is the right key to get the perfect and instant solutions at a reasonable rate. So without any delay simply avail the 100 percent customer satisfaction without any technical hindrance.